kill the beaver

A man returns home after a long time. The house is in a bad shape, ruined with graffiti on walls, but it doesn’t stop him from staying in. The man has an aim that requires complex preparations. The house has however already a new inhabitants that start to influence the man’s performance and to mingle with silhouettes from the character’s recent past, spent at the Central Asia border. Are the war prolonged tension and the man’s shattered emotionality possible to overcome, so that he may really re-locate in a peaceful surroundings of his home-village?

Original Title: Zabić bobra

Director: Jan Jakub Kolski

Production: Poland 2014

Genre: Drama

Eryk Lubos
Agnieszka Pawelkiewicz
Alexandra Michael
Marek Kasprzyk
Mariusz Bonaszewski
Mateusz Król
Daniel Misiewicz
Maciej Maciejewski
Kamil Pardo
Tomasz Pietryga
Kamil Sonta
Sylwester Zawadzki
Zuzanna Romanska
Bongos Romanski

Rights: Worldwide

Release Date: 21 March 2014