Bóg w Krakowie

God in Cracow tells a story of God’s Mercy and human longing for the Lord. It is set in modern times in an enchanting, mysterious, mystical city, which was chosen for the capital of the Divine Mercy by the Lord himself. As the paths of the characters cross, they are influenced by great saints, including saint John Paul II, saint Albert Chmielowski, saint Hedwig, saint Faustina Kowalska and even saint Rita. The incredible story plays out against a background of mystical places: in front of the Black Christ’s crucifix, a miraculous statue of Infant Jesus or the portrait of Our Lady of Freedom in the church of saint John the Baptist and saint John the Evangelist.

Director: Dariusz Regucki

Writing Credits: Dariusz Regucki

Production: Poland

Release Dates: 3 June 2016

Genre: Drama

Rights: Pl, Worldwide


Dariusz Regucki
Kamilla Baar
Jerzy Trela
Radosław Pazura
Piotr Cyrwus
Edward Linde-Lubaszenko
Dorota Pomykała
Jacek Lecznar
Krzysztof Bochenek
Maciej Słota
Sebastian Grochowicz
Rafał Zawierucha
Karolina Chapko
Piotr Piecha