Also Known As: Rubirosa Director: Juancho Cardona Episodes: 12×45 Production: Mexico, 2018 Genre: History Rights: PL Story of Porfirio Rubirosa, the Dominican playboy and suspected spy. Cast:  Damián Alcázar Héctor Aníbal Manolo Cardona Carolina Guerra Omar Patin Ana Serradilla Antonio Von Hildebrand Fausto Rojas Margarita Muñoz

The Cleaning Lady

Also Known As: La chica que limpia Director: Lucas Combina Episodes: 13×25 Production: Argentina, 2017 Genre: Action Rights: PL Rosa works in cleaning. One night something strange happens and she is forced to do what she knows: clean. Cast:  Camila Sosa Villada Marcelo Arbach Antonella Costa Gisele Mauvecin Martín Rena Beatriz Spelzini    

fot. NATPE

Media4Fun at NAPTE Budapest!

There is another NAPTE Budapest market coming at the end of June. Media4Fun team will we happy to meet you there! If you are looking for a reliable partner from Poland book a meeting with us. You can reach us at or at any contact given in the “contact” section of our website. I…

God In Cracow

God in Cracow tells a story of God’s Mercy and human longing for the Lord. It is set in modern times in an enchanting, mysterious, mystical city, which was chosen for the capital of the Divine Mercy by the Lord himself. As the paths of the characters cross, they are influenced by great saints, including…


On the verge of adulthood, teenage friends Katia and Magda work together to make a life-changing film. Best buddies since childhood, Katia and Magda must make a movie to pass their final exam at Film school, beginning a journey that will change both forever. Director: Dariusz Regucki Production: Poland 2014 Genre: drama Cast: Marlena Burian…